R.F. Ricks

R.F. Ricks
Author of "Foolish Endeavors"

Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's yours!

All I could think about was him.  From the time I pulled on to the highway my mind began to wander.  He did that to me; made me lose focus of everything else as he became the center of my attention.  It had been like that since the day I met him.  I wanted to get to know him, no my mind and my body didn't even give me a choice; I needed him.  It was something about the way he carried himself.  He had charisma, intellect and eroticism all rolled into one.   I realized that there were barriers that could cause tension between us, but I was willing to take that risk.  And thankfully i did, because it was well worth it. 

He captivated every essence of my being and touched me in ways I honestly never could have imagined.  He stimulated me sexually and stroked me mentally with every delectable verse.  My mouth watered at the thought of his strong hands gliding over the dip in my back.  As he caressed his way up and down every curve of my smooth caramel skin. Positioning himself behind me, molding flesh to flesh as we became one.

Slowly, he entered me; my wetness inviting him in, as I tightened my grip around his rigid manhood.  He moaned and pulled me closer, almost as if he wanted my body to melt into his, to fall into his love with wreck-less abandon.  And I did, I gave myself to him, every fiber, every emotion, every pain that ever entered my soul, with every stroke causing me to love him even more.

My desire to please him overtook me.  I asked him to lie down, to let me taste the sweet concoction we had created.  All of our passionate juices co-mingling; the aroma became an aphrodisiac causing us to crave one another even more. 
Author ~ R.F. Ricks

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